Friday, May 28, 2010

Market Stall Inspiration

For the past few days I've been trawling through Flickr and through blogs looking for inspiration on how to display my journals at Poppyseed Markets. I was particularly drawn to these homely and inviting market stalls and was inspired by the creative use of space, including props, signage and price tags. And HOW CUTE are those mini suitcases!

{image by acoate}

{image by monkeyminddesign}


{image by priscilla at the locker}


  1. I love those vintage looking suitcases you can get from spotlight, you can decorate them anyway and then use them to display and when your finished use them to store and take home in.

  2. This looks fantastic! I used a red suitcase for allie's attic markets, they look fab :)
    Cant wait for poppyseed markets :)

  3. Oh I've been wondering where I could get those suitcases from, thanks Gem!

    Suitcases are perfect for displaying your products Vesna...can't wait to see them in person =D

  4. love the display xx
    what gorgeous ideas!

  5. love your display pic finds.
    I always love the look of vintage suitcases.
    have fun shopping for display things.