Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blue Caravan

I've been meaning to blog about Blue Caravan for a while now, basically because I love the concept and what they do.

Blue Caravan is a website where you can buy and sell contemporary handmade, environmentally friendly and ethical products directly from the designer/maker. All the products sold there fall under one or more of these categories: one-off, limited run, handmade, upcycled, sustainable, locally made and sweat-free certified, and ethical trade or fair trade certified. 

And as you can see the products are beautiful!


  1. Oooo that's my wallet on the front page : )

  2. It is indeed! I love your refillable journals by the way.

  3. Oh everything is just so beautiful! Now I'll just *have* to spend half an hour looking at everything ... :D yipee!


  4. yes... I love that wallet ms rabbit. thanks for the lovely comments! bluecaravan x