Monday, May 3, 2010

Market Finds!

This weekend I visited the Bondi, Surry Hills and Glebe Markets (phew!) to do some recon work before taking the plunge of holding a market stall. It was interesting to see how other stallholders present their goods and represent their brand in a market environment. One of the stalls I found particularly inspiring was Summer Blossom, who make handmade hair accessories. There was so much attention to detail - everything was colour coordinated, there were lanterns hanging from above, grass (fake but very effective) covering the ground - I felt transported to a different place! And she had some very creative ways of displaying her headbands and hairclips. Just gorgeous.

All images sourced from Summer Blossom's Facebook Page.


  1. They look so sweet! Love it when it's obvious people make a 'pretty effort' :)


  2. Being new to Sydney I haven't visited any of these markets yet - any in particular that you recommend? Some? All? Some for different reasons or things?

  3. I'd recommend them all but for different reasons.

    The Surry Hills market is more of a market for second hand items - its rather like a large garage sale with preloved furniture, clothes and odds and ends, although there are a few jewelry stores.

    Glebe Markets had a strong focus on clothes and jewelry but there was also everything from candles and handbags to second hand books and mirrors.

    I liked the Bondi Markets the best because it had the most hand made items - there were stalls with hand made clothes, accessories (like Summer Blossom!) baby diapers, handbags, cushions etc.

    These markets don't have a handmade/design focus though - I hear that the Paddington Markets, Eveleigh Markets and Kirribili Markets do have this focus if that's what you are looking for...I haven't visited them yet but I'm hoping to soon!