Monday, March 29, 2010

Aussie Hand Made websites to sell your goodies

I always thought that there weren't any Australian websites that provided a platform for Australian designers to sell and promote their goods without having to set up their own website and shopping cart platform. I thought Etsy was the only option, and whilst Etsy is fantastic I wanted something local as well.

How silly of me, because I am discovering more fantastic Australian sites each day!

Here are some well known ones:

Georgie Love - "Georgie Love launched in March 2006 and was Australia's first website store dedicated to promoting and selling handmade delights from independent and emerging artists from Australia!"

Made It - " is a handmade online buying and selling destination, which showcases Australia’s most creative, undiscovered art, design & craft talent."

Leeloo - "Leeloo is an online community and store where treasures from a selected group of emerging Australian designers and artists can become yours!"

Udessi - "Udessi is an online boutique gallery and the new home of independent Australian art. By bringing together both established and emerging Australian artists to showcase and sell their works, Brisbane-based curator Kim Wallace has achieved her goal of providing a unique shopping experience to those who value quality and originality."

Modamuse - "showcasing creative designer gifts crafted by independent modern Australian and New Zealand designers and artisans."

These two stores are actually retail spaces. How awesome it would be to physically see one of your designs in a store! You can apply to be a supplier via their website.

Milk Thieves Art & Design - "The Milk Thieves Art & Design store is a mini market of handmade art, design and craft goods located in central Wollongong. The store aims to provide a unique space for Australian independent and emerging creatives to sell their work."

Little Shop Of Handmade - has a retail space located in Melbourne and an online store. I believe you need to be in the Melbourne (or possibly Victoria) area to become a supplier as they focus on supporting local work.

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